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How can I edit the “Fan Pass Connect” labels?

To edit the “Fan Pass Connect” box’s labels, follow these steps:

  1. Access your store’s admin and navigate to “Themes” under the “Online Store” Sales channels.
  2. Launch the options menu of the backup theme previously created and select “Edit code”.
  3. In the code view sidebar, locate and expand the “Snippets” directory.
  4. Open the file that you would like to edit the labels for e.g. “fanpass-connect.liquid”.
  5. Liquid variables storing the labels are displayed at the top of each snippet (example shown below). You can adjust the default quoted values to suit your specific requirements.
{% comment %} Fan Pass Connect Labels {% endcomment %}

{%- liquid

assign heading = 'Fan Pass'

assign description = 'Connect and view your Fan Pass'

assign connected_heading = 'Fan Pass'

assign valid_message = 'Your Fan Pass is connected'

assign invalid_message = "You don't have a valid pass."

assign link_text = "Don't have a Fan Pass?"

assign link_label = 'Get it here'

Updated on 09/29/2023

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