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Am I ready to start selling my Fan Pass?

To ensure you’re ready to begin selling your Fan Pass, make sure you have done the following:

  1. Added the ‘Claim Fan Pass’ script to the Checkout settings. Read this article for full details.
  2. Created your Fan Pass Shopify product. Check out this article as to why you need to create one.
  3. (Optional) Created the Fan Pass info page. View this section of the Help Centre for a useful guide to set up this page.
  4. (Optional) Created any products or pages you wish to gate using the Fan Pass.
  5. Submitted the NFT Sales Eligibility Application form and had your application approved by Shopify. Read through our FAQs when it comes to answering the questions.
  6. Chosen a subscription plan. View our Pricing section for more information about our subscription tiers.
  7. Purchased credits for your Fan Pass. Check out this section of the Help Centre for useful information when buying credits.
  8. Created your Fan Pass within the Shopify app. Read here for our guidance when it comes to creating your Fan Pass.
  9. Linked your Fan Pass to your Fan Pass Shopify product. Follow these instructions to complete this step. 
  10. Configured your Fan Pass with any gated products, pages or discounts. View this section for our top tips when configuring your Fan Pass.
  11. Added and configured app blocks for all relevant product and/or page templates. See this section for our full guide for setting up app blocks on your store.
Updated on 09/08/2023

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