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Quick-start guide to using the Fan Pass app

Here’s our quick-start guide and links to some useful articles to get you started using the Fan Pass app.

  1. Choose your subscription type. The subscription enables you to use the app on your store. The level of subscription you choose will dictate the types of benefits and rewards your Fan Pass can unlock. Head to the Pricing section of our Help Centre for more information our subscription tiers.
  2. Prepare your store. You will need to apply some changes to your store to enable the app to work. This includes changes to your product and page templates, the order confirmation page and more. We’ve included all the information you need here.
  3. Create your Fan Pass. Choose the title, description and image that will represent your Fan Pass. Remember, once you have chosen these elements they cannot be changed. For guidance on this, read through our Create your Fan Pass articles.
  4. Buy Fan Pass credits. Credits are your inventory – you need to top up your credits in order to sell Fan Passes on your store. Check out our Buying Credits section for more useful information.
  5. Configure your Fan Pass. Link your Fan Pass to the correct Shopify product and set up the benefits/rewards your Fan Pass unlocks. Go to the Configure your Fan Pass section to see how you can begin selling your Fan Pass.
Updated on 08/16/2023

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